Wednesday, November 02, 2005


one of the first things I remember about my early life, my life as a youngin' was my mom's kitchen it always seemed to smell so good in there. one time she was making gravy and it smelled like a full 3 course dinner was going on in there but she was just throwin' it together to go with some biscuts she had already made. My mom was the type of mom who could produce meals from nothing or with very little. she seemed to know things about what foods go together well and why. maybe it was 'cause she grew up on a farm. watching my mom from my early childhood
is the reason I even became interested in cooking. I envy and admire people who can do what she did and sometimes it's a thankless job. It becomes routine in the face of domesticity. So be kind and Kiss the cook or at least ( if it's a he instead of a she, if you care about that sort of thing ) shake his hand, say thank you. Being able to produce a good meal with the simplest of ingredients or with next to nothing is a skill. Making it taste good too is magical.


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