Tuesday, November 01, 2005

That's a catchy Tune....

Words, music and life the elements of My existence. My Joy, My Pain, My confusion
But also some of the things that make life interesting and Enjoyable.

words that help or hurt
Music that uplifts or Illustrates your downward spiral becomming company for your sadness. The mundane every day stuff that can garner a laugh or give you the Ocasional headache. I will talk about it all maybe not as articulately as some but as genuine as anyone. that's all for now I'll see you around the Blogger pages. ~Nex


  1. You have some serious wordplay there. I tend to go simple with it, but then again, I'm not poetic as much as I'm a storyteller. And no one is going to ban you from this site for being a little over-the-top.

  2. thanks dave. I don't know if it's just the way i see things or if it's intentional. thank you again for the comment.